Perhaps it was intentional or just an amusing coincidence, but the envelope that we have all been waiting for since this whole mess began back in May 2011 finally arrived.

I assume they issued these in an entire batch, as it would not make sense to do otherwise, and the envelopes were sent out on or about December 17, 2018.

As it turns out, the final class member disbursement amount was $202.77 — $36.77 over my estimated recovery of $166 that I wrote about back on April 2013.

The Gilardi site has been updated to reflect the following:

We mailed checks to eligible Settlement Class Members in December 2018. Please be advised that the claims administration process has been completed and all settlement checks have been mailed. If you submitted a claim form and you do not receive your payment at your address of record after 15-business days or you have any questions, please contact our office at info@barbrisettlment.com or call our office at (888) 293-3337 to follow-up.

It’s been quite a trip, but this thing is finally done. For those who took part in the original objection project, thank you for your support in fighting the original garbage settlement. We won.

Enjoy your share.

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