Who made this website?

For those of you who came here from some other source than the Facebook group, you may be wondering who has put up this site, information, and related materials. My name is Jonathan Hutcheson and I am a class member who happens to know enough about the Internets to put up a website and help coordinate people objecting to this thing. I do not represent any commercial interests or anyone in particular except myself and, I suppose by extension, likeminded people. The materials are largely a work of collaboration with people like yourself. I helped get the ball rolling, but the assistance of numerous folks have kept it going and growing.


If you are anything like me, then you received the notice, read it, and stared at the Kaplan “Test Prep Discount Certificate” wondering who could have come up with such a cruel joke. Test prep coupons? Really? For the next time I take the LSAT? Now I know some people take the position that class actions are a waste of time, an abuse of process, etc, etc. For me this is not the place or time to have such a debate, as things are already moving in a certain direction regardless of how we feel about it. We are class members because we are recent law school graduates, we are (hopefully) all current members of the bar, and we were all customers of BAR/BRI because – for all intents and purposes – they were the only real game in town. If this class action is going to happen regardless of our personal feelings on the subject, shouldn’t it be done right and actually serve the interests of the class members in some way? At the very least, should we not just get some sort of reasonable monetary award instead of worthless coupons? That is, at its core, what this objection is all about.

Privacy Policy

As outlined on the front page:

We will ONLY use your electronic signature for one of the aforementioned letters which will in turn be sent to the Court. Other contact information collected will only be potentially used in ongoing communications regarding this matter. Otherwise, this information will be used for no other reason and will not be given to anyone else. It will not even be reused if there is a second settlement proposal in this case.

Also, some traffic tracking is in use (typical for a majority of websites). Nothing too exotic, just enough to see where people are coming from, how many are visiting, what pages get hits, etc. This information will not be sold or provided to any commercial entity.

Obligatory Disclaimer

This site is purely made available to inform fellow class members in the Stetson v. West Publishing Corp. case of a joint objection that will be made and provide interested, likeminded class members the opportunity to sign on and/or engage in crafting the language of said objection. The site’s operator, Jonathan Hutcheson, is merely acting in the capacity of a class member and not as an attorney.  He is not licensed to practice in the state of California nor is he admitted to practice before the U.S. Central District of California. Thus he’d be an awful choice if you’d like to retain your own counsel for the purposes of objecting to this settlement and you should look elsewhere.  If you have retained counsel, you should probably be talking to them instead of hanging out here. Ultimately, the site is merely a vehicle for class members to collectively voice their objection and to facilitate a cost effective and efficient means of doing so to a settlement that is so obviously flawed that the reasons for objecting are general to essentially all class members. Signing on to the objection is up to each individual class member and doing so does not guarantee any particular outcome as the matter is left to the court’s discretion. All materials on this site are provided “as is” without warranties of any kind and any use of these materials is done so at your own risk.  Additionally, signing on to object does not constitute the forming of an attorney-client relationship with the site operator or anyone else. This site is not a solicitation for business, future legal representation or anything else.


If you have any questions, please send them to barbrisettlementobjection@gmail.com