Fee Fight Update: Delay Delay Delay

A little late on getting this posted, but an opinion came out on the fee fight appeals (9th Cir. case numbers: 13-57061 & 13-57159 – Opinion: Filed May 11, 2016).

Naturally the outcome is yet further delay on any finalization of this settlement.

The 9th kicked this matter back down on remand AND directed it to be reassigned to a different judge.

Sooooo disbursement of funds expected at some point prior to January 1, 2020 2025.

5 thoughts on “Fee Fight Update: Delay Delay Delay”

  1. The USA fought & won WWII in less than 4 years, less time than this piece of crap case. All parties filing these dilatory appeals after the original settlement offer should be required to pay $10,000 to EACH claimant! No exceptions!

  2. Back to the 9th Circ. in September ’16 after the new judge essentially repeated the original judge’s fee awards. Like a yo yo, yo.

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