Fee Fight Update: Is anyone ever going to get paid?

Many have wondered and some have asked: are there any updates?

The answer is finally a most resounding sort of.

The oral argument regarding the appeal (and cross-appeal) concerning attorney’s fees that is presently holding up this case took place on 2/2/16 before Judges Stephen Reinhardt, Richard Paez, and Milan Smith. (9th Cir. case numbers: 13-57061 & 13-57159)

Perhaps this will get resolved before the close of 2016. Whenever it does get resolved, there will likely be another call for address updates for obvious reasons. If any updates are sent out, they will be re-posted on this site.

For those playing along at home: the aforementioned appeal was filed after the request for attorney’s fees was rejected over two years ago; the revised settlement was approved over two and half years ago; the proposed settlement we objected to was rejected roughly four and half years ago; and this whole fight began nearly five years ago.

Video of the proceeding is available online and linked below. Please proceed with caution as you could potentially waste up to 28 minutes of your life that could be better spent doing just about anything else.

Disbursement of funds expected at some point prior to January 1, 2020.

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