Final Stretch

It’s been a long 48 hours and we’re hard at work getting the draft finalized.  A big thank you for those of you who have sent in corrections, suggestions, etc. – they’ve all been a great help and we’ve implemented just about everything that has been sent in.

As per local court rules and a brief chat with the clerk today, we’ll be reformatting the whole thing and restructuring the presentation.  What this means is that our title page will be at least 19 pages long (at present count with 146 signatories to the objection) with each individual who has signed on listed in a pro se capacity and the objection will close again with at least 19 pages listing, again, everyone that objects. Somewhere in there we’ll fit in the 25-30 some odd pages of objection. For those who care about such things, I’ll see about getting this printed out on recycled paper or something quasi-environmentally friendly.

Just to reiterate: draft version 3 is up and the final version will be posted either later this evening (5/25) or early tomorrow (5/26). Deadline to sign on (or withdraw) will be 5:00 PM EST tomorrow (5/26) and the entire document package will be shipped out by overnight carrier to the clerk shortly thereafter. Copies will be sent by standard post to counsel on either Friday or Saturday.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns – do not hesitate to send off an email to

UPDATE: Draft 3.5 is essentially the final version  minus some additional cites, minor additions to existing sections, and corrections of grammer/style/etc. There may be one additional argument added this afternoon, but it may not make the cut due to time considerations. The objection be moved to final status a little bit later today and, again, 5:00 PM EST is the cutoff for signing on or withdrawing.

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