That’s it folks.

Everything has been sent out this evening (5/27) and we are a wrap. The main package’s tracking number is 875855190135. See past the update below for potential options if you missed the deadline and are still interested in objecting on your own.

UPDATE: I spoke with Gilardi today (5/27) and Tuesday will be an acceptable receipt day for timely objections for those interested in sending along their own.  In light of this time extension, I have arranged to have a new copy of the objection replace the one sent yesterday due to significant number of post-deadline sign ons that were made prior to being able to wind down the online form and a couple of last minute withdrawers.  I will be resubmitting the paperwork this evening and will include anyone who wishes to sign on (or exclude anyone who has already signed on but wishes to withdraw) by 5:00 PM EST today (5/27) – this is a firm deadline and no extensions will be made this time around. No changes to the language of the objection posted on the website will be made. The only changes will be made today are additions or deletions to the title and signature pages along with updated dates throughout. A new tracking number will be provided later this evening for those interested.

The package was sent out just before the latest FedEx deadline I could find in my part of town and you can track it yourself if you feel so inclined – 875803445008.

There’s been a number of individuals signing up post-deadline and, unfortunately, logistics prevented last minute additions after roughly 6:10 PM EST.

Big thanks go out to a handful of individuals who contributed a great deal to the drafting process.  It was fascinating to see how a quasi-crowd-sourced approach to something like this would work and it seems as though it was largely a success.

If you were unable to sign on in time, feel free to borrow/copy/steal anything you would like from the published materials, adopt the whole thing, or write your own (very quickly). Just remember everything is provided as-is, so use at your own risk. In theory you could still electronically file, deliver by hand, or spend a small fortune to same-day ship off your objection (if you want to play it safe). It is worth mentioning that the jury is still out as to whether or not materials arriving on May 31st will be considered due to Memorial Day falling on May 30th, so if you feel like taking a chance…

Any additional questions, comments or concerns can be sent on to

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